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Jan-2005Convergence and divergence of ethnic Chinese business networks in the Asia-PacificTeo, ST; Rodwell, JJ; Steane, P; -
Jan-2005Something Old, Something New...Are New Organizational Practices Replacing Old Ones Or Do They Co-Exist?Palmer, IC; Dunford, R; Benveniste, J; Crawford, JD; Davies, D; Fisher, G; Hughes, R
Jan-2005Strategy for successful entry into a concentrated and highly competitive marketDunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Davies, D; Fisher, G; Hughes, R
Jan-2005An empirical study on the influence of context on the nature of prototypes of effective leadersNorth-Samardzic, A; Crawford, JD; Davies, D; Fisher, G; Hughes, R
Jan-2005Human resources for firm competitive advantage: cross-cultural comparisonsGalang, MC; Chow, IH; Teo, ST; Davidson, P; De Cieri, H
Jan-2009Commentary The liability of foreignness, capabilities, knowledge, and the performance of the subsidiaryDevinney, TM; Cheng, JLC; Maitland, E; Nicholas, S
Jan-2007Targeting services to reduce social inequalities in utilisation: an analysis of breast cancer screening in New South Wales.Birch, S; Haas, M; Savage, E; Van Gool, K
Jan-2005Strategy Content and Process in the Context of E-Business PerformanceColtman, T; Devinney, TM; Midgley, D; Szulanski, G; Porac, J; Doz, Y
Jan-2008Quality of life and survival in the 2 years after surgery for non-small-cell lung cancerKenny, PM; King, MT; Viney, RC; Boyer, M; Pollicino, C; McLean, J; Fulham, MJ; McCaughan, BC
Mar-2005The Outsourcing Debate: Theories and FindingsClegg, SR; Burdon, S; Nikolova, N
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