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2005-01Which work characteristics predict employee outcomes for the public-sector employee? An examination of generic and occupation-specific characteristicsNoblet, A; Teo, ST; McWilliams, J; Rodwell, JJ
2008-01Emergency department utilization patterns among older adultsWolinsky, F; Liu, L; Miller, T; An, H; Geweke, J; Kaskie, B; Wright, K; Chrischilles, E; Pavlik, C; Cook, E; Ohsfeldt, R; Richardson, K; Rosenthal, G; Wallace, R
2005-01Employee outcomes when working from home: The influence of organizational, job, individual and household factorsAvery, GC; Baker, E; Crawford, JD; -
2009-01Cultural differences in attitudes toward plagiarism in undergraduate business students: An empirical investigationRedfern, KA; Barnwell, NS; Beaumont, N
2008-01An integrated model for the optimisation of a two-echelon supply networkFahimnia, B; Luong, L; Marian, R
2005-01The need for a new theory of economic reformCurrie, CV
2009-01The Sydney Cronulla beach riots: The contexts and contradictions of the racialization of young peopleCollins, J; Reid, C; Hier, AP; Lett, D; Bolaria, BS
2008-01Sites of experience: The functions of urban tourism precinctsEdwards, DC; Schlenker, K; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Richardson, S; Fredline, L; Patiar, A; Ternel, M
2008-01-01The impact of internet banking on business-customer relationships (are you being self-served?)Johns, R; Perrott, B
2007-01Measuring equity market integration using uncorrelated information flows: Tokyo, London and New YorkMilunovich, G; Thorp, SJ
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