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2011-01Do Consumers and Retailers Eat Off the Same Plate When it Comes to Premium House Brands? An Australian PerspectiveSpanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Bradshaw, A; Hackley, C; Maclaren, P
2011-03-31The Structural Estimation of Behavioral Models: Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Methods and ApplicationsKeane, MP; Todd, PE; Wolpin, KI
2011-05-01Best-worst scaling vs. discrete choice experiments: An empirical comparison using social care dataPotoglou, D; Burge, P; Flynn, T; Netten, A; Malley, J; Forder, J; Brazier, JE
2011-07-01Integrating health economics into the product development cycle: A case study of absorbable pins for treating hallux valgusVallejo-Torres, L; Steuten, L; Parkinson, B; Girling, AJ; Buxton, MJ
2011-01-01Demand and supply and their relationship to liquidity: Evidence from the S&P 500 change to free floatLam, D; Lin, BX; Michayluk, D
2011-01The emergence of Secular Insight Practice in AustraliaBubna-Litic, DC; Higgins, W; Rocha, C; Baker, M
2011-05-01E-Novation Curriculum (Communication and Education): Who Should Care?Freeder, D; Pattinson, H; Low, D
2011-04-01Foreign takeovers of Australian listed entitiesBugeja, M
2011-01Follow the leader: Fund managers trading in signal-strength sequenceFong, K; Gallagher, DR; Gardner, P; Swan, PL
2011-06-01A comparative investigation of the effects of the design dimensions of choice experiments on car commuters route choice behaviour and valuation of time in Taiwan and AustraliaHensher, DA; Jou, RC; Rose, JM; Li, Z; Huang, GL
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