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2013-06-01Do board characteristics influence the shareholders' assessment of risk for small and large firms?Christy, JA; Matolcsy, ZP; Wright, A; Wyatt, A
2013-12-01Learning cycles in Bertrand competition with differentiated commodities and competing learning rulesAnufriev, M; Kopányi, D; Tuinstra, J
2013-05-01Robot-assisted hysterectomy compared to open and laparoscopic approaches: Systematic review and meta-analysisO'Neill, M; Moran, PS; Teljeur, C; O'Sullivan, OE; O'Reilly, BA; Hewitt, M; Flattery, M; Ryan, M
2013-01-01Fuzzy optimisation of multi-objective job shop scheduling based on inventory informationIslam, MN; Paul, SK; Azeem, A
2013-07-01Crowding in public transport systems: Effects on users, operation and implications for the estimation of demandTirachini, A; Hensher, DA; Rose, JM
2013-01-01Moving average stochastic volatility models with application to inflation forecastChan, JCC
2013-07-01Evaluation of a flexible acute admission unit: Effects on transfers to other hospitals and patient throughput timesVan der Linden, C; Lucas, C; Van der Linden, N; Lindeboom, R
2013Street soccer USA cup: Preliminary findings of a sport-for-homeless interventionWelty Peachey, J; Lyras, A; Borland, J; Cohen, A
2013-03-01Does audit market concentration harm the quality of audited earnings? Evidence from audit markets in 42 countriesFrancis, JR; Michas, PN; Seavey, SE
2013-07-01Light duty vehicle transportation and global climate policy: The importance of electric drive vehiclesBosetti, V; Longden, T
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