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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Slow and Spatial: The OzNomadic LifestyleFaulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Williamson, J
2021-01-01Corporate GovernanceClarke, T
2021-04-20Investigating the Influence of Absorptive Capacity of Recipients within Cross-Border Transfer of Knowledge: Evidence from Emerging MarketsMehreen, H; Rammal, HG; Pereira, V; DEL GIUDICE, M
2021-01-30Art, culture and paradox pedagogy in management learning: The case of Portuguese fadoSimpson, AV; Berti, M; Cunha, MPE; Clegg, S
2021-04-14Organizational learning, innovativeness and performance of financial service firms in an emerging market: Examining the mediation effect of customer-focused strategyYuliansyah, Y; Rammal, HG; Maryani, M; Mohamed Jais, IR; Mohd-Sanusi, Z
2021-01-06From Governing to Managing: Exploring Modes of Control in Private Equity RelationshipsBedford, D; Ditillo, A
2021-03-01Developing Transition Research for Disruptive Technology: 3D Printing InnovationLoy, J; Novak, J; Scerri, M; Chowdhury, M; Skllern, K; Saruchera, F
2021Positive Payment Shocks, Liquidity and Refinance Constraints and Default Risk of Home Equity Lines of Credit at End of DrawQi, M; Scheule, H; Zhang, Y
2021-02-01Liability Insurance: Equilibrium Contracts under Monopoly and CompetitionLemus, J; Temnyalov, E; Turner, JL
2021-02-04Potential approaches for the pricing of cancer medicines across Europe to enhance the sustainability of healthcare systems and the implications.Godman, B; Hill, A; Simoens, S; Selke, G; Selke Krulichová, I; Zampirolli Dias, C; Martin, AP; Oortwijn, W; Timoney, A; Gustafsson, L; Voncina, L; Kwon, H-Y; Gulbinovic, J; Gotham, D; Wale, J; Silva, WCD; Bochenek, T; Allocati, E; Kurdi, A; Ogunleye, OO; Meyer, JC; Hoxha, I; Malaj, A; Hierländer, C; Sauermann, R; Hamelinck, W; Petrova, G; Laius, O; Langner, I; Yfantopoulos, J; Joppi, R; Jakupi, A; Greiciute-Kuprijanov, I; Vella Bonanno, P; Piepenbrink, JH; de Valk, V; Wladysiuk, M; Marković-Peković, V; Mardare, I; Fürst, J; Tomek, D; Obach Cortadellas, M; Zara, C; Pontes, C; McTaggart, S; Laba, T-L; Melien Ø; Wong-Rieger, D; Bae, S; Hill, R
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