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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-20Investigating the Influence of Absorptive Capacity of Recipients within Cross-Border Transfer of Knowledge: Evidence from Emerging MarketsMehreen, H; Rammal, HG; Pereira, V; DEL GIUDICE, M
2020-12-21C2C co-creation of inclusive tourism experiences for customers with disability in a shared heritage context experienceCerdan Chiscano, M; Darcy, S
2020-11-01Price image and the sugrophobia effect on luxury retail purchase intentionCheah, JH; Waller, D; Thaichon, P; Ting, H; Lim, XJ
2021A sequence analysis approach to segmenting credit card customersHo, H; Tien, KM; Wu, A; Singh, S
2021-01-01The Representation of Airbnb in Newspapers: A Critical Discourse AnalysisHassanli, N; Small, J; Darcy, S
-The effect of marketing department power on investor responses to announcements of AI-embedded new product innovationsPadigar, M; Pupovac, L; Sinha, A; Srivastava, R
2016-09-01Understanding how consumer education impacts shoppers over time: A longitudinal field study of unit price usageWeeks, CS; Mortimer, G; Page, L
2016-11-09Achieving destination competitiveness: an importance–performance analysis of SerbiaDwyer, L; Dragićević, V; Armenski, T; Mihalič, T; Knežević Cvelbar, L
2016-07-01Modified Importance–Performance Analysis for Evaluating Tourism Businesses Strategies: Comparison of Slovenia and SerbiaDwyer, L; Armenski, T; Cvelbar, LK; Dragićević, V; Mihalic, T
2017-04-26Reinventing Macau tourism: gambling on creativity?Greenwood, VA; Dwyer, L
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