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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Evolving a Value Chain to an Open Innovation Ecosystem: The Role of Stakeholders in Customizing Medical ImplantsJosserand, E; West, J; Skellern, K; Randawa
2020-07-01On the Practicality of Resisting Pragmatic ParadoxesBerti, M; Simpson, A
2020-12-01Evolving a Value Chain to an Open Innovation Ecosystem: Cognitive Engagement of Stakeholders in Customizing Medical ImplantsRandhawa, K; West, J; Skellern, K; Josserand, E
2020-09-01Shadow of the Prince: Parent-incumbents’ Coercive Control over Child-successors in Family OrganizationsHuang, X; Chen, L; Xu, E; Lu, F; Tam, KC
2020-01-02CSR-enhancing factors for business vs public stakeholders: evidence from Hong KongMin, S; Kim, N; Lo, C
2022-06-28Are product design researchers and practitioners on the same page? The way professional product designers view creative designSameti, A; Koslow, S; Mashhady, A
2021-06Untangling the commonalities and differences between domestic cross-regional experience and international experience in shaping speed of internationalizationLi, WH; Guo, B; De Sisto, M
2023-01-01Disrupting Management Research? Critical Reflections on British Journal of Management COVID-19 Research and an Agenda for the FutureBrammer, S; Branicki, L; Linnenluecke, M
2021-01-01The Effects of Family Firm CEO Traditionality on Successor Choice: The Moderating Role of Socioemotional WealthLu, F; Kwan, HK; Zhu, Z
2021-01-01Flexibility mechanisms in a dynamic distribution networkQian, C; Yu, K; Gu, H
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