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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01Modeling the blockchain readiness challenges for product recovery systemDwivedi, A; Agrawal, D; Paul, SK; Pratap, S
2023-02-01The Impact of Social Investing on Charitable DonationsAn, J; Briley, D; Danziger, S; Levi, S
2023-08A framework for the estimation of treatment costs of cardiovascular conditions in the presence of disease transitionGoswami, M; Daultani, Y; Paul, SK; Pratap, S
2023-12-19Fake news on Facebook and their impact on supply chain disruption during COVID-19.Hossain, MA; Chowdhury, MMH; Pappas, IO; Metri, B; Hughes, L; Dwivedi, YK
2023-09-01Incentives to PersevereIncekara-Hafalir, E; Lee, GHY; Siah, AKL; Xiao, E
2023-09Leveraging blockchain to improve nutraceutical supply chain resilience under post-pandemic disruptionsDatta, S; Jauhar, SK; Paul, SK
2023-08Drivers for Internet of Things (IoT) Adoption in Supply Chains: Implications for Sustainability in the Post-pandemic EraAli, SM; Ashraf, A; Taqi, HMM; Ahmed, S; Rob, SMA; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
2023-03Modeling the artificial intelligence-based imperatives of industry 5.0 towards resilient supply chains: A post-COVID-19 pandemic perspectiveAhmed, T; Lekha Karmaker, C; Benta Nasir, S; Abdul Moktadir, M; Paul, S
2023-01-01Response Times and Subjective Complexity of Food Choices: A Web-Based Experiment Across 3 CountriesAtzori, R; Pellegrini, A; Lombardi, GV; Scarpa, R
2023-06An empirical model for identifying and controlling operational and environmental risks in spinning industry in an emerging economyRaian, S; Siddiqua, T; Moktadir, A; Rahman, T
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