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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-01Chronic wounds in Australia: A systematic review of key epidemiological and clinical parametersMcCosker, L; Tulleners, R; Cheng, Q; Rohmer, S; Pacella, T; Graves, N; Pacella, R
2019-03-01Cost-effectiveness analysis of an innovative model of care for chronic wounds patientsBrain, D; Tulleners, R; Lee, X; Cheng, Q; Graves, N; Pacella, R
2014Multimorbidity and comorbidity of chronic diseases among the senior Australians: prevalence and patterns.Islam, MM; Valderas, JM; Yen, L; Dawda, P; Jowsey, T; McRae, IS
2016-08-15Examining the use of process evaluations of randomised controlled trials of complex interventions addressing chronic disease in primary health care-a systematic review protocolLiu, H; Muhunthan, J; Hayek, A; Hackett, M; Laba, TL; Peiris, D; Jan, S
2013-10-01Discovering unhealthiness: Evidence from cluster analysisJohar, M; Savage, E
2014-01-01Laefstael jenses: An investigation of barriers and facilitators for healthy lifestyles of women in an urban pacific island contextSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
2019-01The role of context in implementation research for non-communicable diseases: Answering the 'how-to' dilemma.Daivadanam M; Ingram M; Sidney Annerstedt K; Parker G; Bobrow K; Dolovich L; Gould G; Riddell M; Vedanthan R; Webster J; Absetz P; Mölsted Alvesson H; Androutsos O; Chavannes N; Cortez B; Devarasetty P; Fottrell E; Gonzalez-Salazar F; Goudge J; Herasme O; Jennings H; Kapoor D; Kamano J; Kasteleyn MJ; Kyriakos C; Manios Y; Mogulluru K; Owolabi M; Lazo-Porras M; Silva W; Thrift A; Uvere E; Webster R; van der Kleij R; van Olmen J; Vardavas C; Zhang P; GACD Concepts and Contexts working group
2017-03-15Developing consensus measures for global programs: lessons from the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Hypertension research program.Riddell MA; Edwards N; Thompson SR; Bernabe-Ortiz A; Praveen D; Johnson C; Kengne AP; Liu P; McCready T; Ng E; Nieuwlaat R; Ovbiagele B; Owolabi M; Peiris D; Thrift AG; Tobe S; Yusoff K; GACD Hypertension Research Programme
2019-04-01Health benefits of an innovative model of care for chronic wounds patients in QueenslandTulleners, R; Brain, D; Lee, X; Cheng, Q; Graves, N; Pacella, RE
2020Failure to access prescribed pharmaceuticals by older patients with chronic conditionsMcRae I; Van Gool K; Hall J; Yen L; Wright M
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