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2005-01New horses for old courses - questioning the limitations of sustainable tourism to supply-driven measures and the nature-based contextCrouch, GI; Devinney, TM; Dolnicar, S; Huybers, T; Louviere, JJ; Oppewal, H; Purchase, S
2016-01-01Studying MCS package design through managers’ incremental control choicesSutton, NC; Brown, DA
2011-01Signalling or wealth transfer: Evidence from the response of corporate bonds to payout changesZhao, L; Chang, JLCEA
2005-01The development and functions of connected relations: a comparison of European and Chinese customer perspectivesWiley, JS; Wilkinson, I; Young, LC; -
2010-01Keep it simple: Easy ways to estimate choice models for single consumersEckert, C; Frischknecht, BD; Louviere, JJ; Ballantine, P; Finsterwalder, J
2007-01Testing the Erdem and Swait Brand Equity Framework Using Latent Class Structural Equation ModellingWang, PZ; Menictas, C; Louviere, JJ; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
2005-01Structure, culture, and HRM in professional service firmsTeo, ST; Lakhani, BS; Brown, DA; Malmi, T; Davies, D; Fisher, G; Hughes, R
2008-01Evaluating the valuation of ethical featuresBurke, PF; Auger, P; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Black, I
2006-01Meaningless and ambiguous differentiation: considering their relative value using random utility theory and signalling theoryBurke, PF; Ali, Y; van Dessel, M
2015-08-07Navigating dilemmas of organizational compassion by cultivating complimentary virtues of wisdom and powerSimpson, AV
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