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2020Health-related Quality of Life and Upper Limb Impairment in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Comparing and Mapping CPQoL-Child and CHU9DTonmukayakul U; Imms C; Mihalopoulos C; Reddihough D; Carter R; Mulhern B; Chen G
2020Implausible States: Prevalence of EQ-5D-5L States in the General Population and Its Effect on Health State ValuationMarten O; Mulhern B; Bansback N; Tsuchiya A
2020Financial toxicity of childhood cancer and changes to parents’ employment after treatment completionKelada L; Wakefield CE; Vetsch J; Schofield D; Sansom-Daly UM; Hetherington K; O’Brien T; Cohn RJ; Anazodo A; Viney R; Zeppel MJB
2020How Are Debriefing Questions Used in Health Discrete Choice Experiments? An Online SurveyPearce A; Mulhern B; Watson V; Viney R
2020Societal cost of childhood intellectual disability in AustraliaArora S; Goodall S; Viney R; Einfled S
2020-06-21Pathways to a cancer-free future: a protocol for modelled evaluations to minimise the future burden of colorectal cancer in Australia.Feletto E; Lew J-B; Worthington J; He E; Caruana M; Butler K; Hui H; Taylor N; Banks E; Barclay K; Broun K; Butt A; Carter R; Cuff J; Dessaix A; Ee H; Emery J; Frayling IM; Grogan P; Holden C; Horn C; Jenkins MA; Kench JG; Laaksonen MA; Leggett B; Mitchell G; Morris S; Parkinson B; St John DJ; Taoube L; Tucker K; Wakefield MA; Ward RL; Win AK; Worthley DL; Armstrong BK; Macrae FA; Canfell K
2020-01-01Measuring Lexical Quality: The Role of Spelling AbilityAndrews S; Veldre A; Clarke IE
2020Single mode resource constrained project scheduling with unreliable resourcesChakrabortty RK; Sarker RA; Essam DL
2020-12-01Cultural Values, Deep Mining Operations and the Use of Surplus Groundwater for Towns, Landscapes and JobsLegg P; Hatton MacDonald D; Bark RH; Tocock M; Tinch D; Rose JM
2020Re-evaluating and recalibrating predictors of bacterial infection in children with cancer and febrile neutropeniaHaeusler G; Thursky K; Slavin MA; Babl FE; De Abreu Lourenco R; Mechinaud F; Phillips B
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