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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04-23Changing Directions in Business EducationBenn, SH; Angus-Leppan; Edwards, M; Brown, PJ; White, S
2007-04Hospital Episodes and Physician Visits: The Concordance between Self-Reports and Medicare ClaimsWolinsky, FD; Miller, TR; An, H; Geweke, JF; Wallace, RB; Wright, KB; Chrischilles, EA; Liu, L; Pavlik, CB; Cook, EA; Ohsfeldt, RL; Richardson, KK; Rosenthal, GE
2010Prior hospitalization and the risk of heart attack in older adults: A 12-year prospective study of medicare beneficiariesWolinsky, FD; Bentler, SE; Liu, L; Jones, MP; Kaskie, B; Hockenberry, J; Chrischilles, EA; Wright, KB; Geweke, JF; Obrizan, M; Ohsfeldt, RL; Rosenthal, GE; Wallace, RB
2011-01Social support, overseas adjustments and work performance of foreign labors in TaiwanChen, K; Yien, J; Huang, C; Huang, K
2012-01The effects of the introduction of knowledge management system into high-tech industry in Taiwan on managerial performanceChou, J; Huang, K
2012-01A Study Of The Performance On Human Resource Management Strategy In Tourism Industry With Data Envelopment AnalysisChou, J; Shieh, C; Huang, K
2011-01Performance And Its Link To Entrepreneurial BehaviorChen, K; Yien, J; Huang, K; Huang, C
2013-01The Forgotten Grounds Of Sydney: A Retrospective Overview Of Select National Soccer League VenuesStreet, LP
2001-01The Complexities of Communicating to Customers in Emerging MarketsFletcher, R; Melewar, TC
2001-01What can we believe in? How a scientific community only got it half wrong in the aetiology of occupational stressMahony, KL
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