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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2014Robust model predictive control of nonlinear systems with unmodeled dynamics and bounded uncertainties based on neural networksYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Mar-2016Robust Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of PM Machines with Soft Magnetic Composite Cores for Batch ProductionLei, G; Liu, C; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
1-Oct-2011Robust multilevel optimization of PMSM using design for six sigmaMeng, X; Wang, S; Qiu, J; Zhang, Q; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y; Liu, D
1-Jan-2009Robust multivariable strategy and its application to a powered wheelchairNguyen, N; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
4-Nov-2015A robust myoelectric pattern recognition using online sequential extreme learning machine for finger movement classificationAnam, K; Al-Jumaily, A
1-Feb-2011Robust neuro-sliding mode multivariable control strategy for powered wheelchairsNguyen, TN; Su, SW; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2007Robust Non-Overshoot Time Responses using Cascade Sliding Mode-PID ControlTran, T; Ha, QP; Nguyen, HT
1-May-2015Robust object tracking based on weighted subspace reconstruction error with forward: Backward tracking criterionZhou, T; Xie, K; Zhang, J; Yang, J; He, X
1-Jan-2013Robust object tracking using linear neighborhood propagationGong, C; Fu, K; Tu, E; Yang, J; He, X
31-Dec-2008Robust object tracking using the particle filtering and level set methods: A comparative experimentLuo, C; Cai, X; Zhang, J
26-Dec-2011Robust online adaptive neural network control for the regulation of treadmill exercisesNguyen, TN; Nguyen, H; Su, S; Celler, B
1-Oct-2012Robust online Hamiltonian learningGranade, CE; Ferrie, C; Wiebe, N; Cory, DG
30-Dec-2008Robust optimization in HTS cable based on DEPSO and design for six sigmaWang, S; Liu, X; Qiu, J; Jian, GZ; Guo, Y; Zhi, WL
1-Jun-2008Robust optimization in HTS cable based on design for six sigmaLiu, X; Wang, S; Qiu, J; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y; Lin, ZW
1-Dec-2006Robust optimization of multilayer conductors of HTS AC cable using PSO and perturbation analysisWang, S; Qiu, J; Zhao, Z; Liu, X; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y; Lin, ZW
8-Feb-2015Robust output-feedback discrete-time sliding mode control utilizing disturbance observerArgha, A; Li, L; Su, SW; Nguyen, H
1-Dec-2012A robust pedestrian navigation algorithm with low cost IMULi, Y; Wang, JJ
1-Dec-2011Robust people tracking and SHMM learning using SHMMsSehestedt, S; Kodagoda, S; Dissanayake, G
Jan-2014Robust Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Ring Partition and NMFTang, Z; Zhang, X; Zhang, S
1-Apr-2018Robust Plackett–Luce model for k-ary crowdsourced preferencesHan, B; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW