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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A survey of low duty cycle MAC protocols in wireless sensor networksAhmad, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X; Foerster, A; Foerster, A
1-Apr-2015Survey of LTE Downlink Schedulers Algorithms in Open Access Simulation Tools NS-3 and LTE-SIMSubramanian, R; Ghosal, P; Barua, S; Xing, S; Cong, SL; Al Kim, H; Sandrasegaran, K
1-Jan-2006A survey of major challenges and future directions for next generation pervasive computingKang, YB; Pisan, Y
Jan-2001A Survey of Practices & Problems associated with incomplete user requirements documentAl-Ani, B; Publisher
1-Apr-2017A survey of qualitative spatial and temporal calculi: Algebraic and computational propertiesDylla, F; Lee, JH; Mossakowski, T; Schneider, T; Van Delden, A; Van De Ven, J; Wolter, D
8-Apr-2008Survey of the potential of emerging wireless technologies to improve telecommunication services in remote Australian settlementsAbolhasan, M; Wright, A
1-Oct-2017A Survey of Wearable Devices and ChallengesSeneviratne, S; Hu, Y; Nguyen, T; Lan, G; Khalifa, S; Thilakarathna, K; Hassan, M; Seneviratne, A
1-Jan-2019A survey on Bayesian nonparametric learningXuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G
29-Jan-2018A survey on big data stream processing in SDN supported cloud environmentAl-Mansoori, A; Yu, S; Xiang, Y; Sood, K
1-Dec-2007A survey on common radio resource managementWu, L; Sandrasegaran, K
1-Dec-2007A survey on control separation techniques in multi-radio multi-channel MAC protocolsWang, JCP; Abolhasan, M; Safaei, F; Franklin, D
30-Nov-2009Survey on electrical machines in electrical vehiclesXu, W; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Shi, Z
1-Jul-2018A Survey on Expert Recommendation in Community Question AnsweringWang, X; Huang, C; Yao, L; Benatallah, B; Dong, M
1-Jan-2013A survey on instance selection for active learningFu, Y; Zhu, X; Li, B
1-Apr-2018A Survey on Learning to HashWang, J; Zhang, T; Song, J; Sebe, N; Shen, HT
12-Feb-2018A survey on security threats and defensive techniques of machine learning: A data driven viewLiu, Q; Li, P; Zhao, W; Cai, W; Yu, S; Leung, VCM
Jan-2013Survey on the Research Challenges of Radio Resource Management in LTE-A and the Current Proposed Solutions for these ChallengesAl-Jaradat, H; Sandrasegaran, K
16-Jul-2017A Survey Paper on Open Source Forking Motivation Reasons and ChallengesChua, B
1-Dec-2012A survivability model in wireless sensor networksParvin, S; Hussain, FK; Park, JS; Kim, DS
1-Oct-2016Suspension Force Modeling for a Bearingless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Maxwell Stress Tensor MethodSun, X; Xue, Z; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Yang, Z; Chen, L; Chen, J