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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2013W-Tree indexing for fast visual word generationShi, M; Xu, R; Tao, D; Xu, C
15-Dec-2016W5ater desalination using graphene-enhanced electrospun nanofiber membrane via air gap membrane distillationWoo, YC; Tijing, LD; Shim, WG; Choi, JS; Kim, SH; He, T; Drioli, E; Shon, HK
27-Sep-2017Walking through architectural spaces: The impact of interior forms on human brain dynamicsBanaei, M; Hatami, J; Yazdanfar, A; Gramann, K
1-Dec-2011Want to change learning culture: Provide the opportunityKeith, KW; Anne, AG
7-Dec-2017WarnFi: Non-invasive wifi-based abnormal activity sensing using non-parametric modelPang, N; Zhu, D; Li, G; Liu, S
Jan-2007Warning message generation by information filtering techniqueLu, J; Ma, J; Zhang, G
1-Apr-2017Warped Gaussian Processes Occupancy Mapping with Uncertain InputsGhaffari Jadidi, M; Miro, JV; Dissanayake, G
13-Nov-2001Wastewater collection and treatment technologies for semi-urban areas of India: A case studySundaravadivel, M; Vigneswaran, S
1-Oct-2013Wastewater management journey - From indus valley civilisation to the twenty-first centuryChanan, AP; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Simmons, B
1-Jan-2018Wastewater treatment and biomass growth of eight plants for shallow bed wetland roofsVo, TDH; Bui, XT; Nguyen, DD; Nguyen, VT; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Nguyen, PD; Nguyen, CN; Lin, C
1-Jan-2016Wastewater: A potential resource of energyLin, JG; Dutta, K; Daverey, A; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
1-Jan-2018Watching a small portion could be as good as watching all: Towards efficient video classificationFan, H; Xu, Z; Zhu, L; Yan, C; Ge, J; Yang, Y
1-Dec-2014Water flux behavior of blended solutions of ammonium bicarbonate mixed with eight salts respectively as draw solutions in forward osmosisLiu, P; Gao, B; Shon, HK; Ma, D; Rong, H; Zhao, P; Zhao, S; Yue, Q; Li, Q
Jan-2011Water Loss by Evaporation From Partially Covered Water BodiesNguyen, CN; Huynh, P; Engineers, ASOM
2018Water pipe failure prediction: A machine learning approach enhanced by domain knowledgeZhang, B; Guo, T; Zhang, L; Lin, P; Wang, Y; Zhou, J; Chen, F
1-Jan-2010Water quality characterisation of rainwater in tanks at different times and locationsKus, B; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, HK
Jan-2011Water Quality in Rainwater Tanks in Rural and Metropolitan Areas of New South Wales, AustraliaKus, BG; Kandasamy, JK; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, H
1-Jan-2011Water quality of membrane filtered rainwaterKus, B; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, HK; Areerachakul, N
1-Jan-2016Water reclamation by heterogeneous photocatalysis over titanium dioxideEl Saliby, I; McDonagh, A; Erdei, L; Shon, HK