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Jan-2010Activation-Inhibition-Based Data Highways for Wireless Sensor NetworksMiorandi, D; Lowe, DB; Gomez, KM; Altman, E; Carrera, I; El-Azouzi, R; Hart, E
Jan-2010Study of Flow Structure over the Ripples in the Bed of Open ChannelKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; Hedayat, N; Barals, J; Callaos, N; Carrasquero, JV; Chu, HW; Eshraghian, K; Ferrer, J; Fonseca, D; Hashimoto, S; Holmqvist, M; Imai, M; Jastroch, N; Lesso, W; Malpica, F; McEachron, D; Oropeza, A; Pineda, JM; Sanchez, B; Sanchez, M; Savoie, MJ; Tremante, A; Welsch, F; Zinn, CD
Jan-2010Methods for Estimating Internal Erosion in Embankment DamsKhan, A; Khan, EU; Nasir, AB; Khabbaz, H; Kibria, S; Qureshi, HM; Rana, AM
Jan-2011A Regional City Council mGovernment Case Study: Success Factors for Acceptance and TrustAl-Khamayseh, SA; Lawrence, EM; Al-Khamayseh, S; Lawrence, E
Jan-2010Visualising project interdependencies for enhanced project portfolio decision-makingKillen, CP; Krumbeck, B; Kjaer, C; Technical Committee
Jan-2010Data-Driven Modelling Of Low-Pressure Hybrid Membrane Filtration Using Multivariate Polynomial RegressionErdei, L; Dackermann, U; Ball, JE; N/A
Jan-2010Parameter Uncertainty And Interactions In A Complex Catchment Modelling SystemFang, T; Ball, JE; N/A
Jan-2012Toward a Shared Understanding of Competency in Programming: An Invitation to the BABELnot ProjectLister, RF; Corney, M; Curran, J; D'Souza, D; Fidge, CF; Gluga, R; Hamilton, M; Harland, J; Hogan, J; Kay, J; Murphy, T; Roggenkamp, M; Sheard, J; Simon, S; Teague, D; de Raadt, M; Carbone, A
Jan-2011Indigenous Peoples on the InternetDyson, LE; Consalvo, M; Ess, C
Jan-2011Does Going Mobile Always Make Learning Better?Dyson, LE; Bastiaens, T; Ebner, M
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