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2020-05-06Optimization of a Small Wind Turbine for a Rural Area: A Case Study of Deniliquin, New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee, A; Khlaifat, N; Zhou, J; Huang, Y; Braytee, A
2020-07Nanomaterials in the advancement of hydrogen energy storageSingh, R; Altaee, A; Gautam, S
2020-11Effective modelling of hydrogen and energy recovery in microbial electrolysis cell by artificial neural network and adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systemHosseinzadeh, A; Zhou, JL; Altaee, A; Baziar, M; Li, D
2020-01-01A review of the key sensitive parameters on the aerodynamic performance of a horizontal wind turbine using computational fluid dynamics modellingKhlaifat, N; Altaee, A; Zhou, J; Huang, Y
2020-09Enhanced copper removal from contaminated kaolinite soil by electrokinetic process using compost reactive filter mediaGhobadi, R; Altaee, A; Zhou, JL; McLean, P; Ganbat, N; Li, D
2020-09-07Preparation of novel high permeability and antifouling polysulfone-vanillin membraneAltaee, A; Yadav, S; Ibrar, I; Déon, S; Zhou, J
2020-11Feasibility of brackish water and landfill leachate treatment by GO/MoS2-PVA composite membranes.Yadav, S; Ibrar, I; Altaee, A; Samal, AK; Ghobadi, R; Zhou, J
2020-08-08Enhancing Performance of the Membrane Distillation Process using Air Injection Zigzag System for Water DesalinationAltaee, A; Alhathal Alanezi, A; Alqahs Alanezi, Y; Alazmi, R; Alsalhy, QF; Sharif, AO
2021-01-02Comparison of Nanofiltration with Reverse Osmosis in Reclaiming Tertiary Treated Municipal Wastewater for Irrigation PurposesAltaee, A; Hafiz, MA; Hawari, AH; Alfahel, R; Hassan, MK
2021-02-22Time Variations of Sediment Floc Size and Density by using Settling Column DataAltaee, A; Samadi Samadiboroujeni, H; Naghshbandi, SA
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