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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-01New service limit state criteria for reinforced concrete in chloride environmentsCastel, A; François, R; Santisi D'Avila, MP; Jenkins, D
2020-07-01Assessing external sulfate attack on thin-shell artificial reef structures under uncertaintyYu, Y; Gao, W; Castel, A; Liu, A; Chen, X; Liu, M
2019-10-01RILEM TC 247-DTA round robin test: mix design and reproducibility of compressive strength of alkali-activated concretesProvis, JL; Arbi, K; Bernal, SA; Bondar, D; Buchwald, A; Castel, A; Chithiraputhiran, S; Cyr, M; Dehghan, A; Dombrowski-Daube, K; Dubey, A; Ducman, V; Gluth, GJG; Nanukuttan, S; Peterson, K; Puertas, F; van Riessen, A; Torres-Carrasco, M; Ye, G; Zuo, Y
2019-12-30Risk of early age cracking in geopolymer concrete due to restrained shrinkageKhan, I; Xu, T; Castel, A; Gilbert, RI; Babaee, M
2019-01-01Carbonation of concrete using ferronickel slag as fine aggregateNguyen, QD; Khan, MSH; Castel, A
2019-01-01A genetic algorithm to identify the optimal concrete mix for the elements subject to risk of early age thermal crackingGharehchaei, M; Akbarnezhad, A; Chilwesa, M; Castel, A; Lloyd, R; Foster, S
2020-01-01Using the Double Ring Test to Assess the Effect of Type of Aggregate Used on Thermal Cracking Potential of ConcreteChilwesa, M; Akbarnezhad, A; Gharehchaei, M; Castel, A; Lloyd, R; Foster, S; Wang, CM; Ho, JCM; Kitipornchai, S
2020-11-30Ageing coefficient for early age tensile creep of blended slag and low calcium fly ash geopolymer concreteCheng, ZQ; Zhao, R; Yuan, Y; Li, F; Castel, A; Xu, T
2020-07-01Conductivity and piezoresistivity of nano-carbon black (NCB) enhanced functional cement-based sensors using polypropylene fibresLi, W; Dong, W; Shen, L; Castel, A; Shah, SP
2020-05-15Corrosion investigation of fly ash based geopolymer mortar in natural sewer environment and sulphuric acid solutionKhan, HA; Castel, A; Khan, MSH
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