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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jan-2014Thin strip profile control capability of roll crossing and shifting in cold rolling millAljabri, A; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Wang, XD; Tibar, H
1-Dec-2009Analysis of surface roughness of low carbon steel during cold rolling of thin stripXie, HB; Jiang, ZY; Du, YB; Wei, DB; Tieu, AK
1-Dec-2009Surface profile simulation during plane strain compression by crystal plasticity finite element methodLi, HJ; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Du, YB; Han, JT; Tieu, AK
3-Sep-2010Study on edge crack propagation during cold rolling of thin strip by FEMXie, HB; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Tieu, AK
11-Nov-2015Graphene sheets encapsulating SiC nanoparticles: A roadmap towards enhancing tensile ductility of metal matrix compositesBoostani, AF; Mousavian, RT; Tahamtan, S; Yazdani, S; Khosroshahi, RA; Wei, D; Xu, JZ; Gong, D; Zhang, XM; Jiang, ZY
20-Jan-2016Solvothermal-assisted graphene encapsulation of SiC nanoparticles: A new horizon toward toughening aluminium matrix nanocompositesFadavi Boostani, A; Taherzadeh Mousavian, R; Tahamtan, S; Yazdani, S; Azari Khosroshahi, R; Wei, D; Xu, J; Zhang, X; Jiang, ZY
1-Jan-2011Study on oxidation of stainless steels during hot rollingJiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Tieu, K; Huang J, X; Zhang, AW; Shi, X; Jiao, SH
1-Jan-2014Surface roughness and friction in hot rolling of stainless steelsJiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Cheng, X; Gao, X; Zhang, JW; Huang, JX; Zhang, AW; Shi, X; Jiao, SH
1-Jan-2014Analysis of fishscaling resistance of low carbon heavy plate teelsZhang, AW; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Jiao, SH; Xu, C
1-Jun-2008Surface roughness micro-deformation and transfer of bulk steel in hot rollingJiang, ZY; Tang, J; Tieu, AK; Sun, W; Wei, D
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