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2014-01-01Seawater biofiltration pre-treatment system: comparison of filter media performanceShrestha, A; Jeong, S; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J
2014-12-01Effect of granular activated carbon filter on the subsequent flocculation in seawater treatmentNguyen, TV; Jeong, S; Pham, TTN; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S
2014-03-13Socio-hydrologic drivers of the pendulum swing between agricultural development and environmental health: A case study from Murrumbidgee River basin, AustraliaKandasamy, J; Sounthararajah, D; Sivabalan, P; Chanan, A; Vigneswaran, S; Sivapalan, M
2013-08-09Assessing the aggregation behaviour of iron oxide nanoparticles by using a multi-method approach.Chekli, L; Phuntsho, S; Kandasamy, J; Shon, H
2011-02-20Synthesis, characterisation and separation of photoreactive Hydrogen-titanate nanofibrous channelEl Saliby, I; Shon, HK; Kandasamy, J; Kim, JH
2012-03-01Stormwater treatment using permeable pavementsBeecham, S; Pezzaniti, D; Kandasamy, J
2016-01-01Sustainable Processes for Treatment of Waste Water Reverse Osmosis Concentrate to achieve Zero Waste Discharge: A Detailed Study in Water Reclamation PlantShanmuganathan, S; Johir, MAH; Listowski, A; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Ghosh, SK
2010-01-01Water quality characterisation of rainwater in tanks at different times and locationsKus, B; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, HK
2016-04-26Removal of natural organic matter at the Gunbower water treatment plant in northern Victoria, AustraliaJeong, S; Nguyen, TV; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Dharmabalan, D
2012-01-01Two stage filtration for stormwater treatment: A pilot scale studyKus, B; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, H; Moody, G
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