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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07-09On the Number of Attempts Students Made on Some Online Programming Exercises During Semester and their Subsequent Performance on Final Exam QuestionsAhadi, A; Lister, RF; Vihavainen, A; Clear, A; Cuadros, E; Carter, J; Tupac, Y
2006-01Research perspectives on the objects-early debateLister, RF; Beglund, A; Clear, T; Bergin, J; Garvin-Doxas, K; Hanks, B; Hitchner, L; Luxton-Reilly, A; Sanders, K; Schulte, C; Whalley, J
2008-01Reliably Classifying Novice Programmer Exam Responses using the SOLO TaxonomyClear, T; Whalley, J; Lister, RF; Carbone, A; Hu, M; Sheard, J; Simon, B; Thompson, E; Mann, S; Lopez, M
2013-01Progoss: Mastering the CurriculumGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, RF; Sharma, M; Yeung, A
2005-01Approaches to learning in computer programming students and their effect on successde Raadt, M; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Tutty, J; Baker, B; Box, I; Cutts, QI; Fincher, S; Hamer, J; Haden, P; Petre, M; Robins, A; Sutton, K; Tolhurst, D
2014-06-25Falling Behind Early and Staying Behind When Learning to ProgramAhadi, A; Teague, D; Lister, RF; du Boulay, B; Good, J
2011-01An architecture for systematic tracking of skills and competence level progression in computer scienceGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, RF; Lever, T; Varthini, BP; Westin, T
2006-01Code classification as a learning and asssessment exercise for novice programmersThompson, E; Whalley, J; Lister, RF; Simon, B; Mann, S; Bridgeman, N
2006-01Apreliminary phenomenographic study concerning student experiences of UNIXDoyle, BJ; Lister, RF; Mann, S; Bridgeman, N
2007-01The Many Ways of the BRACElet ProjectWhalley, J; Clear, T; Lister, RF
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