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2020-03Removal process of antibiotics during anaerobic treatment of swine wastewater.Cheng D; Ngo HH; Guo W; Chang SW; Nguyen DD; Liu Y; Shan X; Nghiem LD; Nguyen LN
2019-01-01Learning to propagate labels: Transductive propagation network for few-shot learningLiu Y; Lee J; Park M; Kim S; Yang E; Hwang SJ; Yang Y
2020-01Impacts of typical pharmaceuticals and personal care products on the performance and microbial community of a sponge-based moving bed biofilm reactor.Zhang X; Song Z; Hao Ngo H; Guo W; Zhang Z; Liu Y; Zhang D; Long Z
2020-05-01Activation of nitrite by freezing process for anaerobic digestion enhancement of waste activated sludge: Performance and mechanismsLiu X; Huang X; Wu Y; Xu Q; Du M; Wang D; Yang Q; Liu Y; Ni BJ; Yang G; Yang F; Wang Q
2020-04Bentonite-supported nano zero-valent iron composite as a green catalyst for bisphenol A degradation: Preparation, performance, and mechanism of action.Bao T; Damtie MM; Hosseinzadeh A; Wei W; Jin J; Phong Vo HN; Ye JS; Liu Y; Wang XF; Yu ZM; Chen ZJ; Wu K; Frost RL; Ni B-J
2020-11Calcium peroxide eliminates grease inhibition and promotes short-chain fatty acids production during anaerobic fermentation of food waste.Xu Q; Du M; Liu X; Wang D; Wu Y; Li Y; Yang J; Fu Q; He D; Feng C; Liu Y; Wang Q; Ni B-J
2020-09-29Impacts of sulfadiazine on the performance and membrane fouling of a hybrid moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor system at different C/N ratios.Zhang X; Zhang Z; Liu Y; Hao Ngo H; Guo W; Wang H; Zhang Y; Zhang D
2020-06Denitrifying Anaerobic Methane Oxidation and Anammox Process in a Membrane Aerated Membrane Bioreactor: Kinetic Evaluation and Optimization.Peng L; Nie W-B; Ding J; Ni B-J; Liu Y; Han H-J; Xie G-J
2020-01Editorial: Metal Hydride-Based Energy Storage and Conversion Materials.Liu Y; Li H-W; Huang Z
2020-11-01Facile synthesis and anti-icing performance of superhydrophobic flower-like OTS-SiO<inf>2</inf> with tunable sizeQi C; Chen H; Sun Y; Fu Q; shen L; Li X; Liu Y
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