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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Enhancement of the ill-conditioned original recordings using novel ICA techniqueNaik, GR
1-Dec-2012Remote rapid prototyping manufacturing network using optimization recurrent hidden Markov modelsYina, G; Qinghua, W; Shuhua, H; Naik, GR
1-Mar-2011Indicator of the quality of the sensor set up: A study using surface EMG on sub-band ICANaik, GR; Kumar, DK
1-Jan-2010Hybrid feature selection for myoelectric signal classification using MICANaik, GR; Kumar, DK
13-Oct-2016Reconfigurable hardware-software codesign methodology for protein identificationGudur, VY; Thallada, S; Deevi, AR; Gande, VK; Acharyya, A; Bhandari, V; Sharma, P; Khursheed, S; Naik, GR
9-Dec-2016Low complexity single channel ICA architecture design methodology for pervasive healthcare applicationsBhardwaj, S; Bhagyaraja, A; Shashank, R; Jadhav, P; Biswas, D; Acharyya, A; Naik, GR
1-Dec-2006Limitations and applications of ICA for surface electromyogramNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Arjunan, SP; Palaniswami, M; Begg, R
1-Dec-2010A machine learning based method for classification of fractal features of forearm sEMG using Twin Support vector machinesArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Naik, GR
1-Dec-2010Fractal feature of sEMG from flexor digitorum superficialis muscle correlated with levels of contraction during low-level finger flexionsArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Naik, GR
1-Dec-2008Addressing source separation and identification issues in surface EMG using blind source separation.Naik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
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