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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2008Source identification and separation using sub-band ICA of sEMGNaik, GR; Kumar, DK; Palaniswami, M
1-Feb-2011Dimensional reduction using Blind source separation for identifying sourcesNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
13-Sep-2017Shape memory effect of nano-ferromagnetic particle doped NiTi for orthopedic devices and rehabilitation techniquesGautam, A; Balouria, A; Acharyya, A; Acharyya, SG; Panwar, M; Naik, GR
13-Oct-2016Shape memory alloy smart knee spacer to enhance knee functionality: Model design and finite element analysisGautam, A; Rani, AB; Callejas, MA; Acharyya, SG; Acharyya, A; Biswas, D; Bhandari, V; Sharma, P; Naik, GR
9-Dec-2009Determining number of independent sources in undercomplete mixtureNaik, GR; Kumar, DK
1-Jan-2014Using Blind Source Separation on accelerometry data to analyze and distinguish the toe walking gait from normal gait in ITW childrenPendharkar, G; Naik, GR; Nguyen, HT
13-Oct-2016Wavelet PCA for automatic identification of walking with and without an exoskeleton on a treadmill using pressure and accelerometer sensorsNaik, GR; Pendharkar, G; Nguyen, HT
31-Oct-2016A dynamic channel selection algorithm for the classification of EEG and EMG dataAl-Ani, A; Koprinska, I; Naik, GR; Khushaba, RN
13-Sep-2017Detection of gait initiation Failure in Parkinson's disease based on wavelet transform and Support Vector MachineLy, QT; Gilat, M; Chai, R; Martens, KAE; Georgiades, M; Naik, GR; Tran, Y; Lewis, SJG; Nguyen, HT
13-Sep-2017Differences in lower limb muscle activation patterns during Sit to Stand Task for different heel heightsNaik, GR; Pratihast, M; Chai, R; Al-Ani, A; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
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