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2020-03-01Novel external extractive membrane bioreactor (EMBR) using electrospun polydimethylsiloxane/polymethyl methacrylate membrane for phenol-laden saline wastewaterRen LF; Ngo HH; Bu C; Ge C; Ni SQ; Shao J; He Y
2020-03Removal process of antibiotics during anaerobic treatment of swine wastewater.Cheng D; Ngo HH; Guo W; Chang SW; Nguyen DD; Liu Y; Shan X; Nghiem LD; Nguyen LN
2020-03Removal of As (V) from the aqueous solution by a modified granular ferric hydroxide adsorbent.Pham TT; Ngo HH; Tran VS; Nguyen MK
2020-06-11Iron and zirconium modified luffa fibre as an effective bioadsorbent to remove arsenic from drinking water.Nguyen TTQ; Loganathan P; Nguyen TV; Vigneswaran S; Ngo HH
2020-08Zero-valent iron enhanced anaerobic digestion of pre-concentrated domestic wastewater for bioenergy recovery: Characteristics and mechanisms.Zang Y; Yang Y; Hu Y; Ngo HH; Wang XC; Li Y-Y
2020-11Hydrochar promoted anaerobic digestion of hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater: Focusing on the organic degradation and microbial communityUsman M; Shi Z; Ren S; Ngo HH; Luo G; Zhang S
2020-11-10Zero-valent iron addition in anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactors for preconcentrated wastewater treatment: Performance and impactHu Y; Zang Y; Yang Y; Duan A; Wang XC; Ngo HH; Li YY; Du R
2020-10-01Facile fabrication of graphene@Fe-Ti binary oxide nanocomposite from ilmenite ore: An effective photocatalyst for dye degradation under visible light irradiationTruong NT; Thi HPN; Ninh HD; Phung XT; Van Tran C; Nguyen TT; Pham TD; Dang TD; Chang SW; Rene ER; Ngo HH; Nguyen DD; La DD
2020-09Removal pathways of benzofluoranthene in a constructed wetland amended with metallic ions embedded carbon.Guo Z; Kang Y; Hu Z; Liang S; Xie H; Ngo HH; Zhang J
2020Advanced CRISPR/Cas-based genome editing tools for microbial biofuels production: A reviewShanmugam S; Ngo HH; Wu YR
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