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2019-09-01On the Optimization of Damping Enhancement in a Power System with a Hybrid HVDC LinkChamorro, HR; Torkzadeh, R; Kotb, O; Rouzbehi, K; Escaño, JM; Gonzalez-Longatt, F; Bellmunt, OG; Toma, L; Sood, VK
2020-10-01Driver Behavior Soft-Sensor Based on Neurofuzzy Systems and Weighted Projection on Principal ComponentsEscano, JM; Ridao-Olivar, MA; Ierardi, C; Sanchez, AJ; Rouzbehi, K
2019-06-01Modelling and control of a concentrating solar power plant prototypeHeidary, A; Mousavi, SM; Rouzbehi, K; Escano, JM
2020-02-01Monte-Carlo-based simulation and investigation of 230 kV transmission lines outage due to lightningKarami, E; Khalilinia, A; Bali, A; Rouzbehi, K
2020-12-01Voltage Transformer Ferroresonance: An Inhibitor DeviceHeidary, A; Rouzbehi, K; Radmanesh, H; Pou, J
2018-09-25Incorporation of Synchronous Power Controlled Energy Storage System in Wind Farms to Provide Inertial and Primary Frequency SupportYazdi, SSH; Milimonfared, J; Rouzbehi, K
2019-05-01Analytical modeling and inertia estimation of VSG-controlled Type 4 WTGs: Power system frequency response investigationHeidary Yazdi, SS; Milimonfared, J; Fathi, SH; Rouzbehi, K; Rakhshani, E
2019-04-01A DC-Reactor-Based Solid-State Fault Current Limiter for HVdc ApplicationsHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Pou, J
2020-06-19Optimal placement of direct current power system stabiliser (DC-PSS) in multi-terminal HVDC gridsAzizi, N; CheshmehBeigi, HM; Rouzbehi, K
2020-10-01Inductive fault current limiters: A reviewHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Mehrizi-Sani, A; Gharehpetian, GB
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