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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Compaction, degradation and deformation characteristics of an energy absorbing matrixIndraratna B; Rujikiatkamjorn C; Tawk M; Heitor A
2019-12-01A mixture of coal wash and fly ash as a pavement substructure materialWang D; Tawk M; Indraratna B; Heitor A; Rujikiatkamjorn C
2019-01-01Use of geosynthetics in mitigating the effects of mud pumping: A railway perspectiveSingh M; Indraratna B; Rujikiatkamjorn C
2019-06-01Performance of marine clay stabilised with vacuum pressure: Based on Queensland experienceIndraratna B; Rujikiatkamjorn C; Baral P; Ameratunga J
2019-09-01Improved performance of ballasted tracks under impact loading by recycled rubber matsNgo TN; Indraratna B; Rujikiatkamjorn C
2019-01-01Review on compaction and shearing-induced breakage of granular materialTawk M; Indraratna B; Rujikiatkamjorn C; Heitor A
2019-01-01Concepts and Methodologies for Track Improvement and Associated Physical Modelling and Field MonitoringIndraratna B; Ngo NT; Sun Q; Rujikiatkamjorn C; Ferreira FB
2019-10-01Radial Consolidation Analysis Using Delayed Consolidation ApproachBaral P; Rujikiatkamjorn C; Indraratna B; Leroueil S; Yin JH
2019-03-01Shear strength of a vegetated soil incorporating both root reinforcement and suctionPallewattha M; Indraratna B; Heitor A; Rujikiatkamjorn C
2019-01-01Use of geogrids and recycled rubber in railroad infrastructure for enhanced performanceIndraratna B; Qi Y; Ngo TN; Rujikiatkamjorn C; Neville T; Ferreira FB; Shahkolahi A
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