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2020-08-01Size-controlled graphene oxide for highly permeable and fouling-resistant outer-selective hollow fiber thin-film composite membranes for forward osmosisLim S; Park KH; Van Huy Tran; Akther N; Phuntsho S; Choi JY; Shon HK
2020-06Sanitation and dewatering of human urine via membrane bioreactor and membrane distillation and its reuse for fertigationVolpin F; Jiang J; El Saliby I; Preire M; Lim S; Hasan Johir MA; Cho J; Han DS; Phuntsho S; Shon HK
2021-01-01Inkjet printing of graphene oxide and dopamine on nanofiltration membranes for improved anti-fouling properties and chlorine resistanceWang C; Park MJ; Seo DH; Shon HK
2021-01-01Facile synthesis and characterization of anatase TiO<inf>2</inf>/g-CN composites for enhanced photoactivity under UV–visible spectrumHossain SM; Park H; Kang HJ; Mun JS; Tijing L; Rhee I; Kim JH; Jun YS; Shon HK
2020-10-01Influence of silica nanoparticles on the desalination performance of forward osmosis polybenzimidazole membranesDaer S; Akther N; Wei Q; Shon HK; Hasan SW
2020-10-15Influence of hydrodynamic operating conditions on organic fouling of spiral-wound forward osmosis membranes: Fouling-induced performance deterioration in FO-RO hybrid systemLee C; Nguyen TT; Adha RS; Shon HK; Kim IS
2020-11Energy recovery modeling of pressure-retarded osmosis systems with membrane modules compatible with high salinity draw streamsManzoor H; Selam MA; Adham S; Shon HK; Castier M; Abdel-Wahab A
2021-01Forward osmosis with direct contact membrane distillation using tetrabutylphosphonium p-toluenesulfonate as an effective and safe thermo-recyclable osmotic agent for seawater desalinationZeweldi HG; Bendoy AP; Park MJ; Shon HK; Johnson EM; Kim H-S; Kim H; Chung W-J; Nisola GM
2020-12Enhanced water permeability and osmotic power generation with sulfonate-functionalized porous polymer-incorporated thin film nanocomposite membranesGonzales RR; Yang Y; Park MJ; Bae T-H; Abdel-Wahab A; Phuntsho S; Shon HK
2020-12Conceptual design of a dynamic turbospacer for efficient low pressure membrane filtrationAli SM; Qamar A; Phuntsho S; Ghaffour N; Vrouwenvelder JS; Shon HK
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