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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01-01On the reliability of classifying programming tasks using a neo-piagetian theory of cognitive developmentGluga, R; Kay, J; Lister, R; Teague, D
2015-01-01Mired in the web: Vignettes from charlotte and other novice programmersTeague, D; Lister, R; Ahadi, A
2014-06-25Falling Behind Early and Staying Behind When Learning to ProgramAhadi, A; Teague, D; Lister, RF; du Boulay, B; Good, J
2012-01-01Toward a shared understanding of competency in programming: An invitation to the BABELnot projectLister, R; Corney, M; Curran, J; D'Souza, D; Fidge, C; Gluga, R; Hamilton, M; Harland, J; Hogan, J; Kay, J; Murphy, T; Roggenkamp, M; Sheard, J; Simon; Teague, D
2012-01-01Swapping as the "Hello World" of relational reasoning: Replications, reflections and extensionsTeague, D; Corney, M; Ahadi, A; Lister, R
2009-12-01Further evidence of a relationship between explaining, tracing and writing skills in introductory programmingLister, R; Fidge, C; Teague, D
2014-06-25Blinded by their Plight: Tracing and the Preoperational ProgrammerTeague, D; Lister, RF; du Boulay, B; Good, J
2011-12-01Early Relational Reasoning and the Novice Programmer: Swapping as the "Hello World" of Relational ReasoningCorney, M; Lister, R; Teague, D
2014-01-20Longitudinal think aloud study of a novice programmerTeague, D; Lister, R
2012-01-01Some empirical results for neo-Piagetian reasoning in novice programmers and the relationship to code explanation questionsCorney, M; Teague, D; Ahadi, A; Lister, R
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