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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01Performance of a compaction-grouted soil nail in laboratory testsYe, X; Wang, Q; Wang, S; Sloan, S; Sheng, D
2020-04-01A novel red mud adsorbent for phosphorus and diclofenac removal from wastewaterLi, X; Ji, M; Nghiem, LD; Zhao, Y; Liu, D; Yang, Y; Wang, Q; Trinh, QT; Vo, DVN; Pham, VQ; Tran, NH
2020-02A novel Mg(OH)2 binding layer-based DGT technique for measuring phosphorus in water and sediment.Xie, F; Li, L; Sun, X; Hu, T; Song, K; Giesy, JP; Wang, Q
2020-05-01Activation of nitrite by freezing process for anaerobic digestion enhancement of waste activated sludge: Performance and mechanismsLiu, X; Huang, X; Wu, Y; Xu, Q; Du, M; Wang, D; Yang, Q; Liu, Y; Ni, BJ; Yang, G; Yang, F; Wang, Q
2020-04Characterization of microbial community and resistance gene (CzcA) shifts in up-flow constructed wetlands-microbial fuel cell treating Zn (II) contaminated wastewater.Wang, Q; Lv, R; Rene, ER; Qi, X; Hao, Q; Du, Y; Zhao, C; Xu, F; Kong, Q
2020-12-10Coupling iron pretreatment with a constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell to improve wastewater purification and bioelectricity generationXu, F; Zhu, YJ; Wang, YQ; Chen, HY; Zhang, YL; Hao, D; Qi, XY; Du, YD; Wang, B; Wang, Q; Zhao, CC; Kong, Q
2020-03Effect evaluation of microplastics on activated sludge nitrification and denitrification.Li, L; Song, K; Yeerken, S; Geng, S; Liu, D; Dai, Z; Xie, F; Zhou, X; Wang, Q
2020-05Fe(II) catalyzing sodium percarbonate facilitates the dewaterability of waste activated sludge: Performance, mechanism, and implication.Li, Y; Zhu, Y; Wang, D; Yang, G; Pan, L; Wang, Q; Ni, B-J; Li, H; Yuan, X; Jiang, L; Tang, W
2020-10-20Improving heavy metals removal, dewaterability and pathogen removal of waste activated sludge using enhanced chemical leachingZhang, L; Chen, Y; Ma, C; Liu, L; Pan, J; Li, B; Wu, X; Wang, Q
2020-12-01Biological reduction of organic matter in buji river sediment (Shenzhen, china) with artificial oxygenationChe, L; Jin, W; Zhou, X; Cao, C; Han, W; Qin, C; Tu, R; Chen, Y; Feng, X; Wang, Q
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