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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-08-01Stroke rehabilitation: Using interactive equipment, understanding physical therapy feedback's usefulnessPickrell, M; Bongers, B; van den Hoven, E
2018-01-18Design applications for social rememberingvan den Hoven, E; Broekhuijsen, M; Mols, I
2009-07-06Contact through canvas: An entertaining encountervan Boerdonk, K; Tieben, R; Klooster, S; van den Hoven, E
2018-08-31Designing Objects with Meaningful AssociationsOrth, D; Thurgood, C; van den Hoven, E
2010-01Pipet: a design concept supporting photo sharingMeerbeek, B; Bingley, P; Rijnen, W; van den Hoven, E; Blandford, A; Gulliksen, J; Hvannberg, ET; Larusdottir, MK; Law, ELC; Vilhjalmsson, HH
2016-02-01Facilitating peripheral interaction: design and evaluation of peripheral interaction for a gesture-based lighting control with multimodal feedbackHeijboer, M; van den Hoven, E; Bongers, B; Bakker, S
2015-01-01Understanding persuasion and motivation in interactive stroke rehabilitation: A physiotherapists' perspective on patient motivationPickrell, M; Bongers, B; van den Hoven, E
2018Body-centric computing: results from a weeklong Dagstuhl seminar in a German castleMueller, F; Andres, J; Svanæs, D; Schraefel, MC; Gerling, K; Tholander, J; Martin-Niedecken, AL; Marquez Segura, E; van den Hoven, E; Graham, N; Höök, K; Sas, C
2018-12-01Memory Probes: Exploring Retrospective User Experience Through Traces of Use on Cherished ObjectsTsai, W-C; van den Hoven, E
2010-01Sounds Like Home: Sonification and Physical Interaction in the Periphery and Center of the AttentionBakker, S; van den Berg, R; Pijnappel, S; van den Hoven, E; Bresin, R; Hermann, T; Hunt, A
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