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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Generalized net model of the processes in a center of transfusion haematologyAndreev, N; Sotirova, E; Shannon, A; Atanassov, KT
2020-01Classification of Lung Nodules Based on Deep Residual Networks and Migration Learning.Wu, P; Sun, X; Zhao, Z; Wang, H; Pan, S; Schuller, B
2020-01-01Deep spatial–temporal structure learning for rumor detection on TwitterHuang, Q; Zhou, C; Wu, J; Liu, L; Wang, B
2020-10-01Improving the performance of vacuum membrane distillation using a 3D-printed helical baffle and a superhydrophobic nanocomposite membraneLi, Q; Lian, B; Zhong, W; Omar, A; Razmjou, A; Dai, P; Guan, J; Leslie, G; Taylor, RA
2020-07-01High-Value Organic Acid Recovery from First-Generation Bioethanol Dunder Using NanofiltrationCooper, J; Ye, Y; Razmjou, A; Chen, V
2021-08-01Increasing Density and Cement Content in Expansive Soils Stabilization:Conflicting or Complementary Procedures for Reducing Swelling?Consoli, NC; Tonini de Araújo, M; Tonatto Ferrazzo, S; de Lima Rodrigues, V; Gravina da Rocha, C
2020-01-02Enzymatic biodiesel production from crude Eruca sativa oil using Candida rugosa lipase in a solvent-free system using response surface methodologyAghababaie, M; Beheshti, M; Razmjou, A; Bordbar, AK
2020-01-01Intelligent and immersive visual analytics of health dataQu, Z; Lau, CW; Catchpoole, DR; Simoff, S; Nguyen, QV
2021-03Sustainable Binders Stabilizing Dispersive ClayScheuermann Filho, HC; Beck Saldanha, R; Gravina da Rocha, C; Cesar Consoli, N
2020-02-01Infrared and visible image fusion via detail preserving adversarial learningMa, J; Liang, P; Yu, W; Chen, C; Guo, X; Wu, J; Jiang, J
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