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2019-06-01Compaction, degradation and deformation characteristics of an energy absorbing matrixIndraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Tawk, M; Heitor, A
2020-01-01A soa based sla negotiation and formulation architecture for personalized service delivery in sdnKhan, S; Hussain, FK
2021-03-23Optimizing flow diversion structure as an effective pier-scour countermeasureRanjbar-Zahedani, M; Keshavarzi, A; Khabbaz, H; Ball, JE
2020-12-01An efficient pipeline processing scheme for programming Protocol-independent Packet ProcessorsYang, S; Bai, L; Cui, L; Ming, Z; Wu, Y; Yu, S; Shen, H; Pan, Y
2020-01-01Differential Evolution FPA-SVM for Target Classification in Foliage Environment Using Device-Free SensingZhong, Y; Huang, Y; Dutkiewicz, E; Wu, Q; Jiang, T; Liang, Q; Liu, X; Na, Z; Wang, W; Mu, J; Zhang, B
2020-01-01Simultaneously Advising via Differential Privacy in Cloud Servers EnvironmentShen, S; Zhu, T; Ye, D; Yang, M; Liao, T; Zhou, W
2020-01-01Early Detection of Coronary Artery Diseases Using Endocrine MarkersMore, FJ; Chaczko, Z; Kulbacka, J; Nguyen, NT; Jearanaitanakij, K; Selamat, A; Trawinski, B; Chittayasothorn, S
2020-01-01Differential Privacy Preservation for Smart Meter SystemsWu, J; Qiang, W; Zhu, T; Jin, H; Xu, P; Shen, S
2020-12An Online Pricing Strategy of EV Charging and Data Caching in Highway Service StationsSu, Z; Lin, T; Xu, Q; Chen, N; Yu, S; Guo, S
2020-12-02Generative Audio and Real-Time Soundtrack Synthesis in Gaming Environments: An exploration of how dynamically rendered soundtracks can introduce new artistic sound design opportunities and enhance the immersion of interactive audio spaces.Bossalini, C; Raffe, W; Garcia, JA
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