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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01Quantum Supremacy Circuit Simulation on Sunway TaihuLightLi, R; Wu, B; Ying, M; Sun, X; Yang, G
2020-03Removal process of antibiotics during anaerobic treatment of swine wastewater.Cheng, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Liu, Y; Shan, X; Nghiem, LD; Nguyen, LN
2019-07-01Structural optimization using multi-objective modified adaptive symbiotic organisms searchTejani, GG; Pholdee, N; Bureerat, S; Prayogo, D; Gandomi, AH
2019-09-01A geometric and fractional entropy-based method for family photo classificationKaljahi, MA; Shivakumara, P; Hu, T; Jalab, HA; Ibrahim, RW; Blumenstein, M; Lu, T; Ayub, MNB
2019-12-01CCSA: Conscious Neighborhood-based Crow Search Algorithm for Solving Global Optimization ProblemsZamani, H; Nadimi-Shahraki, MH; Gandomi, AH
2020-01-01Consolidation assessment using Multi Expression ProgrammingSharifi, S; Abrishami, S; Gandomi, AH
2020-05Exploring the use of cheap natural raw materials to reduce the internal concentration polarization in thin-film composite forward osmosis membranesArjmandi, A; Peyravi, M; Arjmandi, M; Altaee, A
2019-08-01A new image size reduction model for an efficient visual sensor networkKaljahi, MA; Shivakumara, P; Idris, MYI; Anisi, MH; Blumenstein, M
2019-06-15Filter Pruning via Geometric Median for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks AccelerationHe, Y; Liu, P; Wang, Z; hu, Z; Yang, Y
2020-04-20Operations scheduling of waste-to-energy plants under uncertaintyHu, C; Liu, X; Lu, J; Wang, CH
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