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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-22Evaluation of wind resource potential using statistical analysis of probability density functions in New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee A; Khlaifat N; Zhou J; Huang Y
2020-07-15Characterisation of fungal and bacterial dynamics in an active green wall used for indoor air pollutant removalFleck R; Gill RL; Pettit T; Irga PJ; Williams NLR; Seymour JR; Torpy FR
2020-08Hollow fiber membranes with hierarchical spherulite surface structure developed by thermally induced phase separation using triple-orifice spinneret for membrane distillationFang C; Liu W; Zhang P; Rajabzadeh S; Kato N; Sasaki Y; Shon HK; Matsuyama H
2020Optimal Design of a Multi-Winding High-Frequency Transformer Using Reluctance Network Modeling (RNM) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Techniques for the Application of PV-Linked Grid-Connected Modular Multi-Level InvertersJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z; Islam MR
2020-11A hybrid renewable energy system integrating photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, and battery energies for supplying a grid-connected residential loadJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z
2020Asymptotic Soft Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.He Y; Dong X; Kang G; Fu Y; Yan C; Yang Y
2020-04-01Advanced treatment technologies efficacies and mechanism of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances removal from waterAhmed MB; Alam MM; Zhou JL; Xu B; Johir MAH; Karmakar AK; Rahman MS; Hossen J; Hasan ATMK; Moni MA
2020-11-01Engineering biocatalytic material for the remediation of pollutants: A comprehensive reviewMishra B; Varjani S; Agrawal DC; Mandal SK; Ngo HH; Taherzadeh MJ; Chang JS; You S; Guo W
2021-01Employing the synergistic effect between aquaporin nanostructures and graphene oxide for enhanced separation performance of thin-film nanocomposite forward osmosis membranesAkther N; Sanahuja-Embuena V; Górecki R; Phuntsho S; Helix-Nielsen C; Shon HK
2020-10-16Biomethane production from anaerobic co-digestion at wastewater treatment plants: A critical review on development and innovations in biogas upgrading techniques.Nguyen LN; Kumar J; Vu MT; Mohammed JAH; Pathak N; Commault AS; Sutherland D; Zdarta J; Tyagi VK; Nghiem LD
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