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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Missing Value Imputation for Multi-view Urban Statistical Data via Spatial Correlation LearningGong, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, J; Liu, W; Yin, Y; Zheng, Y
2020-12-14Intuitive Virtual Reality based Control of a Real-world Mobile ManipulatorLe, DT; Sutjipto, S; Lai, Y; Paul, G
2022-01-01The role of employees in digital transformation: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior on Australian employees’ cloud technology usageCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Abedin, B; Shirahada, K
2021-05An Agent-Based Model for Supply Chain Recovery in the Wake of the COVID-19 PandemicRahman, T; Taghikhah, F; Paul, S; Shukla, N; Agarwal, R
2021-12-01Optimal Beam Association in mmWave Vehicular Networks with Parallel Reinforcement LearningVan Huynh, N; Nguyen, DN; Hoang, DT; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-08-13Ultrasound-assisted membrane technologies for fouling control and performance improvement: A reviewAltaee, A; Naji, O; Al-juboori, RA; Khan, A; Yadav, S; Alpatova, A; Soukane, S; Ghaffour, N
2021-12Two-stage convolutional neural network for road crack detection and segmentationNguyen, NHT; Perry, S; Bone, D; Le, HT; Nguyen, TT
2021-10-11Machine learning modeling and analysis of biohydrogen production from wastewater by dark fermentation process.Hosseinzadeh, A; Zhou, JL; Altaee, A; Li, D
2021-08-09Improving Cross-Band Isolation in Multi-Band AntennasThalakotuna, DNP; Karmokar, DK; Hu, Z; Esselle, KP; Matekovits, L
2021-08Aging effects on airflow distribution and micron-particle transport and deposition in a human lung using CFD-DPM approachRahman, MM; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
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