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2021-02Bio-membrane based integrated systems for nitrogen recovery in wastewater treatment: Current applications and future perspectives.Ye, Y; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Varjani, S; Ding, A; Bui, X-T; Nguyen, DP
2020-10-24Information Driven Self-Calibration for Lidar-Inertial SystemsUsayiwevu, M; Le Gentil, C; Mehami, J; Yoo, C; Fitch, R; Vidal-Calleja, T
2020-11-17BiteNet: Bidirectional Temporal Encoder Network to Predict Medical OutcomesPeng, X; Long, G; Shen, T; Wang, S; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2021-05-15Facile development of comprehensively fouling-resistant reduced polyketone-based thin film composite forward osmosis membrane for treatment of oily wastewaterGonzales, RR; Zhang, L; Sasaki, Y; Kushida, W; Matsuyama, H; Shon, HK
2020-10-24Gaussian Process Gradient Maps for Loop-Closure Detection in Unstructured Planetary EnvironmentsLe Gentil, C; Vayugundla, M; Giubilato, R; Sturzl, W; Vidal-Calleja, T; Triebel, R
2021-04A baseline-free damage detection method using VBI incomplete measurement dataMousavi, M; Holloway, D; Olivier, JC; Gandomi, AH
2021-01-01Energy-efficient Deep Reinforced Traffic Grooming in Elastic Optical Networks for Cloud-Fog ComputingZhu, R; Li, S; Wang, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2021Investigating Stacked-Ring Based Cells for Phase Shifting SurfacesAli, H; Afzal, M; Esselle, KP; Hashmi, R
2021-02-01Accelerated learning algorithms of general fuzzy min-max neural network using a novel hyperbox selection ruleKhuat, TT; Gabrys, B
2021-07An experimental investigation of green wall bio-filter towards air temperature and humidity variationAbdo, P; Huynh, BP
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