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2019-06-01Residual energy-based cluster-head selection in WSNs for IoT applicationBehera TM; Mohapatra SK; Samal UC; Khan MS; Daneshmand M; Gandomi AH
2019-02-10Response of square anchor plates embedded in reinforced soft clay subjected to cyclic loadingBiradar J; Banerjee S; Shankar R; Ghosh P; Mukherjee S; Fatahi B
2019-02-01Seismic Interaction between a Lined Tunnel and a Hill under Plane SV Waves by IBEMLiu Z; Zhang H; Cheng A; Wu C; Yang G
2019-12-01Guest Editorial Nature-Inspired Approaches for IoT and Big DataGandomi AH; Daneshmand M; Jha R; Kaur D; Ning H; Robinson C; Schilling H
2020-07-01Assessing external sulfate attack on thin-shell artificial reef structures under uncertaintyYu Y; Gao W; Castel A; Liu A; Chen X; Liu M
2019-06Risk factors for symptomatic venous thromboembolism during therapy for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.Mateos MK; Trahair TN; Mayoh C; Barbaro PM; Sutton R; Revesz T; Barbaric D; Giles JE; Alvaro F; Mechinaud F; Catchpoole D; Kotecha RS; Dalla-Pozza L; Quinn MCJ; MacGregor S; Chenevix-Trench G; Marshall GM
2020-05-01On constructing the largest and smallest uninorms on bounded latticesXie A; Li S
2019-12-01Stress-fractional soil model with reduced elastic regionSun Y; Nimbalkar S
2014-01-01'Explain in plain English' questions revisited: Data structures problemsCorney, M; Lister, R; Fitzgerald, S; McCauley, R; Hanks, B; Murphy, L
2016-11-01Blocking analysis of persistent resource allocations for M2M applications in wireless systemsBrown, J; Afrin, N; Khan, JY
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