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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-20IN2LAMA: INertial Lidar Localisation And MappingLe Gentil, C; Vidal Calleja, T; Huang, S; Howard, A; Althoefer, K; Arai, F; Arrichiello, F; Caputo, B; Castellanos, J; Hauser, K; Isler, V; Kim, J; Liu, H; Oh, P; Santos, V; Scaramuzza, D; Ude, A; Voyles, R; Yamane, K; Okamura, A
2021-03-15Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-Based User Profile Perturbation for Privacy-Aware RecommendationXiao, Y; Xiao, L; Lu, X; Zhang, H; Yu, S; Poor, HV
2021-01Engineering three-dimensional labyrinthine fractal acoustic metamaterials with low-frequency multi-band sound suppression.Man, X; Xia, B; Luo, Z; Liu, J; Li, K; Nie, Y
2020-03-15Passivity and passification of memristive recurrent neural networks with multi-proportional delays and impulseWang, Y; Cao, Y; Guo, Z; Wen, S
2020-08Generalized norm for existence, uniqueness and stability of Hopfield neural networks with discrete and distributed delays.Wang, H; Wei, G; Wen, S; Huang, T
2020-06-01Efficient meta-heuristic approaches in solving minimal exposure path problem for heterogeneous wireless multimedia sensor networks in internet of thingsBinh, NTM; Binh, HTT; Van Linh, N; Yu, S
2020-12Atmospheric sound propagation in a stratified moving media: Application of the semi analytic finite element method.Kirby, R
2020Time-Variant Graph ClassificationWang, H; Wu, J; Zhu, X; Chen, Y; Zhang, C
2021-03-23Optimizing flow diversion structure as an effective pier-scour countermeasureRanjbar-Zahedani, M; Keshavarzi, A; Khabbaz, H; Ball, JE
2020-10-15Distributionally robust optimization for power trading of waste-to-energy plants under uncertaintyHu, C; Liu, X; Lu, J; Wang, CH
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