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2020-01Relational proofs for quantum programsBarthe, G; Hsu, J; Ying, M; Yu, N; Zhou, L
2019-06-08An applied quantum hoare logicZhou, L; Yu, N; Ying, M; McKinley, KS; Fisher, K
2018-07-01Particulate matter concentrations and heavy metal contamination levels in the railway transport system of Sydney, AustraliaMohsen, M; Ahmed, MB; Zhou, JL
2018-07-18DP-LTOD: Differential Privacy Latent Trajectory Community Discovering Services over Location-Based Social NetworksXu, C; Zhu, L; Liu, Y; Guan, J; Yu, S
2018-09-05Domain Adaptation for Gaussian Process ClassificationYang, K; Wan, W; Lu, J
2018-11-01A novel mechanistic model for nitrogen removal in algal-bacterial photo sequencing batch reactorsPeng, L; Ngo, HH; Guo, WS; Liu, Y; Wang, D; Song, S; Wei, W; Nghiem, LD; Ni, BJ
2020-03-16Improved magnetic circuit analysis of a laminated magnetorheological elastomer devices featuring both permanent magnets and electromagnetsLi, S; Watterson, P; Li, Y; Wen, Q; Li, J
2018-07-01An anaerobic membrane bioreactor – membrane distillation hybrid system for energy recovery and water reuse: Removal performance of organic carbon, nutrients, and trace organic contaminantsSong, X; Luo, W; McDonald, J; Khan, SJ; Hai, FI; Price, WE; Nghiem, LD
2018-07-12Control and applications of direct matrix converters: A reviewZhang, J; Li, L; Dorrell, D
2018-07-01Micropollutants removal and health risk reduction in a water reclamation and ecological reuse systemMa, XY; Li, Q; Wang, XC; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Ngo, HH
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