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2011-03-01Forecasting stock markets using wavelet transforms and recurrent neural networks: An integrated system based on artificial bee colony algorithmHsieh, T-J; Hsiao, H-F; Yeh, W-C
2011-12-28APPECT: An approximate backbone-based clustering algorithm for tagsZong, Y; Xu, G; Jin, P; Zhang, Y; Chen, E; Pan, R
2011-08-09Synthetic route effect on macromolecular architecture: From block to gradient copolymers based on acryloyl galactose monomer using RAFT polymerizationEscalé, P; Ting, SRS; Khoukh, A; Rubatat, L; Save, M; Stenzel, MH; Billon, L
2011-12-01Multi perspective framework to improve the knowledge flowYoo, CB; Hawryszkiewycz, I; Kang, KS
2011-01Experimental Evaluation of Seismic Deformation Characteristics of Vertical-Horizontal Reinforced Soil WallsShrestha, B; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Shahin, MA; Nikraz, HR
2011-09-15Margin-based ensemble classifier for protein fold recognitionYang, T; Kecman, V; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Zhexue Huang, J
2011-10-01Domain decomposition combined radial basis function collocation method to solve transient eddy current magnetic problems with moving conductorsYang, G; Chen, X; Lei, G; Shao, KR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD
2011-03-16The thermal response investigation of functionally graded material platesTian, JH; Cao, Y; Wang, JH; Xu, W; Xu, XL
2011-12-01Reducing bearing wear in induction generators for wave and tidal current energy devicesShek, JKH; Dorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Macpherson, DE; Mueller, MA
2011-02-08Classical simulation of commuting quantum computations implies collapse of the polynomial hierarchyBremner, MJ; Jozsa, R; Shepherd, DJ
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