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2019-11-01Listvenite occurrences in the fault zones of northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Aster-based mapping approachPour, AB; Park, Y; Hong, JK; Muslim, AM; Pradhan, B
2019-10-01The missing link in emergency management: evaluating community engagementTaylor, M; Ryan, DB; Johnston, DKA
2019-06-01Hybrid reconstruction method for indirect monitoring of an ice load of a steel gate in a cold regionZhang, M; Qiu, B; Kalhori, H; Qu, X
2019-10-20Nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) immobilization onto graphene oxide (GO)-incorporated electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) nanofiber membrane for groundwater remediation via gravity-driven membrane filtrationRen, J; Woo, YC; Yao, M; Lim, S; Tijing, LD; Shon, HK
2019-08-06Thermodynamic evaluation of LiCl-H2O and LiBr-H2O absorption refrigeration systems based on a novel model and algorithmRen, J; Qian, Z; Yao, Z; Gan, N; Zhang, Y
2019A low complexity Wyner-Ziv coding solution for Light Field image transmission and storageCong, HP; HoangVan, X; Perry, S
2019Greedily assemble tandem repeats for next generation sequencesJiang, Y; Lu, J; Hou, J; Zhou, W
2019-06-01How to predict social relationships — Physics-inspired approach to link predictionWahid-Ul-Ashraf, A; Budka, M; Musial, K
2019-01-01A study on design methods for condenser radiator fan module mounting systemLiu, X-A; Zhu, X; Shangguan, W; Wang, T; Wang, X-L; Chen, Y
2019-04-01I-LSH: I/O efficient c-approximate nearest neighbor search in high-dimensional spaceLiu, W; Wang, H; Zhang, Y; Wang, W; Qin, L
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