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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Asymptotic Soft Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.He Y; Dong X; Kang G; Fu Y; Yan C; Yang Y
2020-02-01Boride-based electrocatalysts: Emerging candidates for water splittingChen Z; Duan X; Wei W; Wang S; Zhang Z; Ni BJ
2020-09-01Behaviour of ballast under principal stress rotation: Multi-laminate approach for moving loadsMalisetty RS; Indraratna B; Vinod J
2020-12-01Behaviour of hollow-core and steel wire mesh reinforced ultra-high performance concrete columns under lateral impact loadingWei J; Li J; Wu C
2020-05-01Biogeochemical Clogging of Permeable Reactive Barriers in Acid-Sulfate Soil FloodplainIndraratna B; Medawela S; Rowe RK; Thamwattana N; Heitor A
2020-10-01Calibration of KCC concrete model for UHPC against low-velocity impactXu S; Wu P; Wu C
2019-01-01Chinese medical question answer selection via hybrid models based on CNN and GRUZhang Y; Lu W; Ou W; Zhang G; Zhang X; Cheng J; Zhang W
2020-10-01Characteristic analysis and direct measurement for air gap magnetic field of external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motors in electric vehiclesMa C; Zhou S; Yang N; Degano M; Gerada C; Fang J; Liu Q
2020-04Characterization of microbial community and resistance gene (CzcA) shifts in up-flow constructed wetlands-microbial fuel cell treating Zn (II) contaminated wastewater.Wang Q; Lv R; Rene ER; Qi X; Hao Q; Du Y; Zhao C; Xu F; Kong Q
2018-11-06Would You Obey an Aggressive Robot: A Human-Robot Interaction Field StudyAgrawal, S; Williams, MA
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