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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-28Gate-based superconducting quantum computingKwon, S; Tomonaga, A; Lakshmi Bhai, G; Devitt, SJ; Tsai, J-S
2020-11Heat transfer augmentation in retrofitted corrugated plate heat exchangerAl zahrani, S; Islam, MS; Saha, SC
2020-10Generalized potential theory for close-range acoustic interactions in the Rayleigh limit.Sepehrirhnama, S; Lim, K-M
2020-03Reachability Deficits in Quantum Approximate Optimization.Akshay, V; Philathong, H; Morales, MES; Biamonte, JD
2020-12-01Flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of Isobutane in horizontal channels with twisted tapesSarmadian, A; Moghaddam, HA; Asnaashari, A; Joushani, HAN; Moosavi, M; Islam, MS; Saha, SC; Shafaee, M
2020-07-01Irreversibility analysis of thermally driven flow of a water-based suspension with dispersed nano-sized capsules of phase change materialHashem Zadeh, SM; Mehryan, SAM; Islam, MS; Ghalambaz, M
2020-08Experimental Quantification of Coherence of a Tunable Quantum Detector.Xu, H; Xu, F; Theurer, T; Egloff, D; Liu, Z-W; Yu, N; Plenio, MB; Zhang, L
2018-12-21Electromagnetic-wave beam-scanning antenna using near-field rotatable graded-dielectric platesAfzal, MU; Lalbakhsh, A; Esselle, KP
2021-06-01SARS CoV-2 aerosol: How far it can travel to the lower airways?Islam, MS; Larpruenrudee, P; Paul, AR; Paul, G; Gemci, T; Gu, Y; Saha, SC
2021-08How severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 aerosol propagates through the age-specific upper airwaysIslam, MS; Larpruenrudee, P; Saha, SC; Pourmehran, O; Paul, AR; Gemci, T; Collins, R; Paul, G; Gu, Y
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