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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-01Contraction analysis of nonlinear noncausal iterative learning controlKong, FH; Manchester, IR
2019-01-01Practical stochastic synchronisation of coupled harmonic oscillators subjected to heterogeneous noises and its applications to electrical systemsWang, G; Ji, J; Zhou, J
2020-01-01Stability and controller design of switched systems with sequence-based average dwell timeZheng, D; Zhang, H; Zhang, JA; Su, SW
2020-05-25Robust adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for motion mode decoupling of two-axle vehicles with active kinetic dynamic suspension systemsHu, W; Ding, F; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Qin, A
2020-03-01Region-based flocking control for networked robotic systems with communication delaysYu, J; Ji, J; Miao, Z; Zhou, J
2020-07-10Parameterized bilinear matrix inequality techniques for ℋ<inf>∞</inf> gain-scheduling proportional integral derivative control designShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P
2020-12-27Sideslip angle estimation of ground vehicles: A comparative studyLiu, J; Wang, Z; Zhang, L; Walker, P
2020-07-10Practical consensus tracking control of multiple nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots in polar coordinatesLiu, L; Guo, R; Ji, J; Miao, Z; Zhou, J
2021-05-10A novel robust event-triggered fault tolerant automatic steering control approach of autonomous land vehicles under in-vehicle network delayZhang, J; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Wang, C; Chen, Y
2021-12-01Fuzzy sampled-data H∞ sliding-mode control for active hysteretic suspension of commercial vehicles with unknown actuator-disturbanceZhang, Z; Qin, A; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Fan, Q; Zhang, N
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