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2020-10-01Improving the performance of vacuum membrane distillation using a 3D-printed helical baffle and a superhydrophobic nanocomposite membraneLi, Q; Lian, B; Zhong, W; Omar, A; Razmjou, A; Dai, P; Guan, J; Leslie, G; Taylor, RA
2020-03-01The rejection of mono- and di-valent ions from aquatic environment by MWNT/chitosan buckypaper composite membranes: Influences of chitosan concentrationsAlshahrani, AA; Algamdi, MS; Alsohaimi, IH; Nghiem, LD; Tu, KL; Al-Rawajfeh, AE; in het Panhuis, M
2020-04-15Bienzymatic modification of polymeric membranes to mitigate biofoulingMehrabi, Z; Taheri-Kafrani, A; Asadnia, M; Razmjou, A
2021-01-01Inkjet printing of graphene oxide and dopamine on nanofiltration membranes for improved anti-fouling properties and chlorine resistanceWang, C; Park, MJ; Seo, DH; Shon, HK
2021-05-01Power effect of ultrasonically vibrated spacers in air gap membrane distillation: Theoretical and experimental investigationsAl-juboori, RA; Naji, O; Bowtell, L; Alpatova, A; Soukane, S; Ghaffour, N
2020-09-01Polyrotaxane-based thin film composite membranes for enhanced nanofiltration performanceLiu, M; Nothling, MD; Tan, SSL; Webley, PA; Qiao, GG; Fu, Q
2020-11-15Fabrication of porous polyketone forward osmosis membranes modified with aromatic compounds: Improved pressure resistance and low structural parameterNakagawa, K; Uchida, K; Wu, JLC; Shintani, T; Yoshioka, T; Sasaki, Y; Fang, LF; Kamio, E; Shon, HK; Matsuyama, H
2021-04-01Enhanced nanofiltration rejection of inorganic and organic compounds from a wastewater-reclamation plant's micro-filtered water using adsorption pre-treatmentJamil, S; Loganathan, P; Khan, SJ; McDonald, JA; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S
2021-01-01A two-step microengineered system for high-density cell retention from bioreactorsSyed, MS; Marquis, C; Taylor, R; Warkiani, ME
2021-09-01Machine learning for design of thin-film nanocomposite membranesFetanat, M; Keshtiara, M; Keyikoglu, R; Khataee, A; Daiyan, R; Razmjou, A
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