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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-15Investigation of water spray evolution process of port water injection and its effect on engine performanceZhuang, Y; Chi, H; Huang, Y; Teng, Q; He, B; Chen, W; Qian, Y
2020-02-01Ultrasonic assisted oil extraction and biodiesel synthesis of Spent Coffee GroundGoh, BHH; Ong, HC; Chong, CT; Chen, WH; Leong, KY; Tan, SX; Lee, XJ
2020-11-01Bioethanol production from acid pretreated microalgal hydrolysate using microwave-assisted heating wet torrefactionYu, KL; Chen, WH; Sheen, HK; Chang, JS; Lin, CS; Ong, HC; Show, PL; Ling, TC
2020-11-15Impact of water – biodiesel – diesel nano-emulsion fuel on performance parameters and diesel engine emissionAbdollahi, M; Ghobadian, B; Najafi, G; Hoseini, SS; Mofijur, M; Mazlan, M
2018-07-15Combustion characterization of waste cooking oil and canola oil based biodiesels under simulated engine conditionsMing, C; Rizwanul Fattah, IM; Chan, QN; Pham, PX; Medwell, PR; Kook, S; Yeoh, GH; Hawkes, ER; Masri, AR
2019-01-01State of the art review on development of ultrasound-assisted catalytic transesterification process for biodiesel productionTan, SX; Lim, S; Ong, HC; Pang, YL
2020-11-01Comparative study of nanoparticles and alcoholic fuel additives-biodiesel-diesel blend for performance and emission improvementsMujtaba, MA; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH; Gul, M; Soudagar, MEM; Ong, HC; Ahmed, W; Atabani, AE; Razzaq, L; Yusoff, M
2020-10-15Multi-functional fuel additive as a combustion catalyst for diesel and biodiesel in CI engine characteristicsAshok, B; Nanthagopal, K; Chyuan, OH; Le, PTK; khanolkar, K; Raje, N; Raj, A; Karthickeyan, V; Tamilvanan, A
2021-02-01Review on pretreatment techniques to improve anaerobic digestion of sewage sludgeKhanh Nguyen, V; Kumar Chaudhary, D; Hari Dahal, R; Hoang Trinh, N; Kim, J; Chang, SW; Hong, Y; Duc La, D; Nguyen, XC; Hao Ngo, H; Chung, WJ; Nguyen, DD
2022-01-01Microalgae biomass as a sustainable source for biofuel, biochemical and biobased value-added products: An integrated biorefinery conceptSiddiki, SYA; Mofijur, M; Kumar, PS; Ahmed, SF; Inayat, A; Kusumo, F; Badruddin, IA; Khan, TMY; Nghiem, LD; Ong, HC; Mahlia, TMI
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