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2021-01-01Cyclone vulnerability assessment of the western coast of BangladeshHoque, MA-A; Pradhan, B; Ahmed, N; Ahmed, B; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Integrating multilayer perceptron neural nets with hybrid ensemble classifiers for deforestation probability assessment in Eastern IndiaSaha, S; Paul, GC; Pradhan, B; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Spatial assessment of drought vulnerability using fuzzy-analytical hierarchical process: a case study at the Indian state of OdishaSaha, S; Kundu, B; Paul, GC; Mukherjee, K; Pradhan, B; Dikshit, A; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Effect of spatial resolution and data splitting on landslide susceptibility mapping using different machine learning algorithmsAbraham, MT; Satyam, N; Jain, P; Pradhan, B; Alamri, A
2021-01-01Assessing gully erosion susceptibility using topographic derived attributes, multi-criteria decision-making, and machine learning classifiersAl-Bawi, AJ; Al-Abadi, AM; Pradhan, B; Alamri, AM
2021-01-01Perdition of gully erosion susceptibility mapping using novel ensemble machine learning algorithmsArabameri, A; Chandra Pal, S; Costache, R; Saha, A; Rezaie, F; Seyed Danesh, A; Pradhan, B; Lee, S; Hoang, N-D
2021-01-01Robustness analysis of machine learning classifiers in predicting spatial gully erosion susceptibility with altered training samples“This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in [Geomatics Natural Hazards and Risk, 2021, 12, (1), pp. 794-828], available online:]”; Hembram, TK; Saha, S; Pradhan, B; Abdul Maulud, KN; Alamri, AM
2016Hybrid Taguchi-Objective Function optimization approach for automatic cave bird detection from terrestrial laser scanning intensity imageIdrees, MO; Pradhan, B
2016Analysis on causes of flash flood in Jeddah city (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) of 2009 and 2011 using multi-sensor remote sensing data and GISYoussef, AM; Sefry, SA; Pradhan, B; Alfadail, EA
2016Debris flow impact assessment along the Al-Raith Road, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using remote sensing data and field investigationsYoussef, AM; Al-Kathery, M; Pradhan, B; El-Sahly, T
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