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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01Cross-Cloud MapReduce for Big DataLi, P; Guo, S; Yu, S; Zhuang, W
2020-04-01Achieving Secure and Efficient Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption over Medical Cloud DataLi, H; Yang, Y; Dai, Y; Yu, S; Xiang, Y
2020-10-01Multimedia Processing Pricing Strategy in GPU-Accelerated Cloud ComputingLi, H; Ota, K; Dong, M; Vasilakos, AV; Nagano, K
2018-04-01Converged Network-Cloud Service Composition with End-to-End Performance GuaranteeHuang, J; Duan, Q; Guo, S; Yan, Y; Yu, S
2020-09-01Social network structure-based framework for innovation evaluation and propagation for new product developmentAkbari, F; Saberi, M; Hussain, OK
2020-06-01Design of airport security screening using queueing theory augmented with particle swarm optimisationNaji, M; Braytee, A; Al-Ani, A; Anaissi, A; Goyal, M; Kennedy, PJ
2021-01-01Efficient Provision of Service Function Chains in Overlay Networks using Reinforcement LearningLi, G; Zhou, H; Feng, B; Zhang, Y; Yu, S
2019-01-01Cross-Layer Multi-Cloud Real-Time Application QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking As-a-Service FrameworkAlhamazani, K; Ranjan, R; Jayaraman, PP; Mitra, K; Liu, C; Rabhi, F; Georgakopoulos, D; Wang, L
2021-06-28Towards an Application Helping to Minimize Medication Error RateAlharbi, AI; Gay, V; AlGhamdi, MJ; Alturki, R; Alyamani, HJ
2021-01-01Identification of Pneumonia Disease Applying an Intelligent Computational Framework Based on Deep Learning and Machine Learning TechniquesMuhammad, Y; Alshehri, MD; Alenazy, WM; Vinh Hoang, T; Alturki, R
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