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2020-11-01An electricity triangle for energy transition: Application to ItalyBompard, E; Botterud, A; Corgnati, S; Huang, T; Jafari, M; Leone, P; Mauro, S; Montesano, G; Papa, C; Profumo, F
2020-10-15The potential of hollow fiber vacuum multi-effect membrane distillation for brine treatmentLi, Q; Omar, A; Cha-Umpong, W; Liu, Q; Li, X; Wen, J; Wang, Y; Razmjou, A; Guan, J; Taylor, RA
2020-03-15Investigation of integrated uninterrupted dual input transmission and hybrid energy storage system for electric vehiclesYang, W; Ruan, J; Yang, J; Zhang, N
2020-07-15Multi-objective stochastic economic dispatch with maximal renewable penetration under renewable obligationHlalele, TG; Naidoo, RM; Bansal, RC; Zhang, J
2020-10-15Distributionally robust optimization for power trading of waste-to-energy plants under uncertaintyHu, C; Liu, X; Lu, J; Wang, CH
2021-12-15Assessment of accessible, clean and efficient energy systems: A statistical analysis of composite energy performance indicesSandu, S; Yang, M; Phoumin, H; Aghdam, RF; Shi, X
2022-10-15A characterisation framework of energy services offered by energy service companiesCagno, E; Franzò, S; Storoni, E; Trianni, A
2022-05-15An integrated power load point-interval forecasting system based on information entropy and multi-objective optimizationWang, K; Wang, J; Zeng, B; Lu, H
2022-05-01A novel characterization based framework to incorporate industrial energy management servicesMonjurul Hasan, ASM; Trianni, A; Shukla, N; Katic, M
2022-06-15An intelligent capacity management system for interface converter in AC-DC hybrid microgridsHeidari, S; Hatami, A; Eskandari, M
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